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Promotional Flyer for Sing Along: Learn Mandarin
Title of Book: Sing Along: Learn Mandarin

ISBN: 9787107309625

Editor: Toronto Mandarin School (Jingbao Bilingual Children's Centre)

Date of Publication: March 2016

Format: 787 mm x 1,092 mm

Fixed Price: RMB117

Pages: 50

Binding: Paperback

Word Count: 210,000

Publisher: People’s Education Press

Exclusive International Distributor: China Educational Publications Import and Export Corporation, Ltd. (CEPIEC)

Summary of Contents

Sing Along: Learn Mandarin is a set of international Mandarin Chinese teaching materials designed to promote Chinese education through the use of classic children’s songs. It is appropriate for use in kindergartens, Mandarin preschool classes and lower and intermediate grades in full-time elementary schools. The set is also suitable for English-speaking children who already have a foundational understanding of Mandarin (under parental supervision and guidance).

This set of teaching materials consists of nine volumes. Audio recordings (in an mp3 format) are included with each stage. These volumes are divided into four stages according to learners’ language abilities:

1.Toddler Stage (suggested ages: 2-3 ): Consists of three volumes. The teaching materials for this stage include 24 children’s songs, in addition to 24 key vocabulary items and corresponding sample sentences.

2.Beginner Stage (suggested ages: 3-4): Consists of two volumes.

3.Intermediate Stage (suggested ages: 4-5): Consists of two volumes.

4.Advanced Stage (suggested ages: 5-6): Consists of two volumes. The teaching materials for this stage include 54 children’s songs in addition to over 200 vocabulary words and corresponding sample sentences.

This set of teaching materials can help young Mandarin learners study Chinese through various interactive methods, including accompanied singing, rhythm, drawing and games. Not only is it suitable for children’s education in international Mandarin classrooms; it is also appropriate for young readers who wish to learn on their own with the assistance of their parents. It must be mentioned that the age guidelines for these four stages are provided only as a suggestion. Instructors should choose the stage appropriate for each child’s level of Chinese.

Product Features

1.An advanced, professional foundation in children’s Mandarin education. 

Each of this series’ editors comes from North America's international Mandarin education industry. They have infused each volume with recognized principles from language education, using children’s songs as a linguistic medium to implement interactive language education. In addition, it makes this set of teaching materials more intuitive for both students and educators and more pertinent to its audience, and it boosts its real educational value.

2.High-quality singing and accompaniment. The mp3 files included with

these books contain demonstrations of both vocal performances and their respective accompaniment—recorded both at leisurely paces and more vigorous tempos. The flexibility of these recordings allows children to learn how to express themselves in Mandarin in a relaxed, cheerful musical environment, while simultaneously instilling a feel for the Chinese language.

3.Superb picture-book-style design. Each book is bursting with high-quality 

color illustrations. These vivid and vibrantly colored pictures engage children’s interests. Each lesson features a deliberate, scientifically balanced pairing of illustrations with white space, giving ample consideration to children’s fascination with colors and visual tolerance.

4.Brimming with immersive, interesting content. The drawing activities 

featured at the Toddler Stage are perfectly suited to young children’s natural attraction to hands-on activities and their love of drawing. Starting at the Beginner Stage, each lesson features various practice exercises, including a search activity and a connect-the-dots activity. These activities can reinforce the knowledge that children learn through play, and they can also efficiently enable children to participate in an interactive educational format while keeping their attention focused.

Creative Team

1.Editing Team

Sing Along: Learn Mandarin is edited by the Jingbao Bilingual Children's Centre,   which is a part of the Toronto Mandarin School. Established in 2007, this centre has continuously upheld the ideal of "edutainment" in international children's Mandarin education. Owing to its outstanding team of qualified teachers and its bilingual Chinese-English early-learning content, over the past decade of development the centre has become a well-known provider of outstanding early education. 

2.Publishing Team

Sing Along: Learn Mandarin is edited and published by the People's Education

Press. The People's Education Press is China's largest educational publisher. Possessing over 60% of China's educational publishing market, it is a globally recognized organization for research, editing, publishing and distribution of foundational educational materials.

To guarantee the high quality of the publication of Sing Along:LearnMandarin, 

the People's Education Press has made active use of both internal and external resources to form top-notch editing and publishing teams. The design and production of Sing Along: Learn Mandarin has been handled by the most well-known design and production group in Chinese children's education publishing: the New Oriental Donut education team. 

In addition to the illustrations provided by the young and creatively talented

artists of the People's Education Press, the illustration work in these books has undergone the meticulous guidance of Lü Jingren, the famed Chinese illustration designer, publishing designer and visual artist. The well-known Chinese publishing designer Liu Xiaoxiang organized the binding and layout design of Sing Along: Learn Mandarin. Mr. Liu was previously awarded the "Most Beautiful Book" award for his design of the Book of Songs in 2010. 

As part of its pursuit for outstanding content and aesthetically pleasing

visuals, the People's Education Press has also made painstaking and meticulous efforts to compose beloved children's songs; additionally, the press has enlisted the expertise of professional musicians to record and produce this series' audio components.

Distribution organization

China Educational Publications Import and Export Corporation, Ltd. (CEPIEC) 

is the exclusive international distributor of Sing Along: Learn Mandarin. CEPIEC is one of China's largest importers and exporters of books, and the company's service has one of the best reputations among the country's book import-export businesses. CEPIEC and the People's Education Press are both member businesses of the China Education Publishing and Media Group.