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Chinese small bookshelf - Chinese graded readers

Author:Carol Chen



Page Count:19

Pub Date:2013-06


The Chinese Library Series is a collection of graded Chinese readers designed for kids and teenagers, consisting of six levels. There are stories about the life of modern teenagers, classical works, myths, legends, idiom stories and so on, which enable students to learn Chinese characters and words better, improve their Chinese competence and enhance their understanding of the Chinese culture while enjoying the joy of reading. 

Chinese Idioms about Dragons and Their Related Stories is an elementary-level (600 words) Chinese reader which tells idiom stories about dragons using concise language and fantastic illustrations. A wordlist is provided for the story in each book, and small exercises and a passage for extended reading are provided after the story to help students to do self-evaluations and teachers to conduct classroom activities. A free CD-ROM included narrates the story, the passage for extended reading and the wordlist in the book.