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The textbook (volume 1)

Learn Chinese with me of students' book first (CD2) author: professors zhi-ping zhu, Chen fu: the number of 9787107164228

Press: people's education press publication date:

Price: RMB 80 yuan

Learn Chinese with Me is part of a major project sponsored by Hanban. It is a set of Chinese teaching materials specially compiled for overseas adolescents aged 15 to 18 and has won the title “2006 Most Popular International Chinese Teaching and Learning Material ” and " Outstanding International Chinese Language Teaching Materials 2010" from Hanban.

The entire set consists of a student’s book, a workbook, Chinese characters cards, words and phrases cards and CDs. This series includes three editions: English, German, and Thai.

The main purpose of the materials are to arouse students’ interest in learning Chinese. The latest results of TCSL research have been applied in the whole process of writing this set. The content of Learn Chinese with Me is simple and natural. In order to train in the communicative abilities, the language points are based on the function needs and connected by topics.