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HSK exam outline

HSK exam outline Primary author: hanban/Confucius institute headquarters: the number of 9787107304187

Press: people's education press publication date: 2015-09-01

Price: RMB 35

HSK Test Syllabus is officially compiled by Hanban /Confucius Institute Headquarters. This series is the primary foundation and guidance for HSK proposition and test. With 6 levels in total, HSK Test Syllabus includes HSK Introduction, Topic Outline, Task Outline, Language Point Outline, Vocabulary Outline, Test Requirements and Procedures, Sample HSK Paper, Answer Card, Listening script, Answer Key and Score Report.

The 2009 edition of HSK Test Syllabus has been revised and improved in accordance with the thematic and task-based teaching theory and approach as well as communicative topics and language tasks. The new syllabus has added in topic outline and task outline, revised language point outline and detailed vocabulary outline. It aims to better the service for international Chinese language learners, provide teaching reference for Chinese language teachers at home and abroad, and offer a guideline for institutes and agencies in different countries to comprehensively evaluate learners’ Chinese language proficiency and Chinese teaching outcomes.