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It's My Book——Guided Reading in Chinese Level 1

Author:Zhining Chin & Vicky Cheng



   Page Count:360


   Pub Date:2016-04

   Target Audience(Age):Preschool

   Price: 1200.00 ¥

Book Description

It’s My Book - Guided Reading in Chinese series is a set of Chinese learning materials for the North American children from Kindergarten to fifth grade. Each level consists of 30 volumes, concluding six themes namely individual, family, school, social, animal and plant and natural. Each theme has five small stories, and each story for one book. The difficulty level of the words in each level is controlled.

It’s My Book establishes a system of reading levels based on the high frequently used Chinese characters from authorized Chinese textbook as well as the standards of International Curriculum for Chinese language Education by Hanban, China. 13 levels of Chinese reading set up in a range of 50 to 1,200 Chinese most frequently used characters. Reading text is leveled according to various parameters, including total character count, number of new words, sentence patterns, sentence length, and sentence complexity.

This teaching material uses the guided reading teaching method, and is equipped with excellent teaching methods for teachers and parents. These methods have a practical guiding significance, especially for teaching, since the process is very detailedand provides a good guiding for teachers.

The fairy tale stories are created by the Chinese professional author and the Chinese teachers. The stories combined with the beautifully drawn pictures can peak the children's reading interests and their ability to master the level.

This set of books is the level 1. It contains 30 stories and each story is about 50 words.

About the Author

The editor, Zhining Chin, received her master's and PhD degree at the University of Minnesota. She had been serving as a Chinese consultant in XinXing Academy and Hopkins Public Schools of Minnesota since 2007. She is the founder and member of the Council of Yinghua language school which is the nation's first Chinese immersion school. And she used to be the Assessment Evaluation and Research Coordinator and Chinese Language and Cultural Advisor in Hopkins Public Schools of Minnesota. Along with serving as the assessment specialist at the Minnesota Department of Education, she was also a testing supervisor for St. Paul Public Schools.

Vicki Cheng is a professional writer of children's book and has published dozens of children's books.

Editorial Review

1. It’s My Book establishes a system of reading levels based on the practice of Chinese teaching for children in America.

Book Titles:
1. Individuals 个人:
Balloon Floats Away 气球上天
Xiaobei's Head 小贝的头
Xiaobei is Missing 小贝不见了
Me and Him 我和他
Him and Me 他和我
2. Family 家庭:
Xiaobei In My Eyes 眼睛里的小贝  
I Want a Brother 我要一个哥哥
My Friend is Missing 我的朋友不见了
I Can Go Home 会走的家
Eggs and Bread 面包和鸡蛋
3. School 学校:
Small White Cat 小白猫
I Like School 喜欢上学校
Trains That Can Run 会跑的长车子
Wood That Can Swim 会游水的木头
The Big Bird That Can Fly 会飞的大鸟
4. Social Life 社交:
Different Eyes 不同的眼睛
All Kittens Are Cute 小猫都可爱
The Ball Rolls Away 大球下山
The Ball is Gone 球不见了
Big and Small 大和小
5. Flora and Fauna 动植物:
Climb Up the Tree 爬上树
Learn to Fly 学小鸟飞 
Like the Nose and Tail of a Horse 象鼻子和马尾巴
Dog Ears and Monkey Hands 狗耳朵和小猴的手
Bird Feathers and Cat Eyes 小鸟的羽毛和猫眼睛
6. Nature 自然:
The Four Seasons 四季歌
Go Up the Mountain 上山去
The River 游大河
In the Sky 在天上
The Creek and Flowers 小河和山花